Like so many of us, fibre crafting saved my life or at least my sanity, which pretty much amounts to the same thing.

My background is in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and I taught Physics for 20 years.

I have what a friend described as a ‘portfolio’ of work, a euphemism for taking whatever opportunity I can to make ends meet while holding out hope for a woolly future.

Following job burn out and treatment for breast cancer, I am launching the world’s least efficient, but most enjoyable, manufacturing process thus combining my twin loves of science and creativity.

As Anne Enright said of her breakdown ‘I recommend it […] having a breakdown early. If your life just falls apart early on, you can put it together again. It’s the people who are always on the brink of crisis who don’t hit rock bottom who are in trouble.’

I use this quote without an iota of flippancy – burn out and illness has driven me forward and given me no choice but to change, leaving behind old habits and patterns.

Four years later I find myself in a fibre community with like minded souls ready for the next steps.