Turning the Tanker

Pun intended. Like many fibre folk I was due to vend at a festival this month. It would have been my first show and launch of Gullrock Fibres. This disappointment pales into insignificance compared to what is going on throughout the world when health, safety and livelihoods are at stake.

However there is no other way but forward for this fledgling business although it has been an interesting psychological exercise to change fairly firmly rooted plans and embark on mainly web-based sales and marketing. We’re all having to do it but I love a plan and unsticking myself from the original vision has been surprisingly slow.

The main challenge is definitely photography; getting across the beauty and subtlety of the yarns without over saturating or giving an underwhelming impression of the colours. I have found the spring evening light best and am gradually getting into the swing of uploading the many skeins of goodness. I hope to launch the shop in a couple of weeks time.

En marche xxx
16 May 2020

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